Mushroom Mania July 2014

Australia’s Biggest Foodservice Program is Going Social

Mushroom Mania 2014 is on again this July and we want to help you spread the word about the marvellous mushroom dishes on your menu.

There is no registration required and no forms to fill in. Simply feature mushrooms on your menu this July. Let us know about your dishes, and we will do our best to feature you and your dishes in our social media activities.

Throughout July, we will be extremely active in talking to all our tens of thousands of mushroom loving followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and through the Power of Mushrooms website. It is an excellent opportunity for restaurants, cafes, clubs, pubs and bistros and Australian mushroom growers to actively promote mushroom dishes to potential customers during July.

Start sending your photos, tweets and posts now so we can start talking about you and your business in our activities.

Use the hashtag #MushroomMania2014 to let us know what is happening with mushrooms at your venue during July.

  • Post your mushroom dishes on your own Facebook Page and we will “share” your meals, or post directly onto our Mushroom Lovers Club Facebook page.
  • Share a photo of your mushroom dish on Instagram, and we will highlight it on our other social media channels.
  • Tweet about any special mushroom dishes and we will pass the information on to our followers.

Let’s get Australian mushroom lovers eating out and talking about the mushrooms dishes they have spotted and enjoyed during July.

During July, we are using all our social media channels to talk to hungry mushroom lovers. We are also working with food bloggers in all capital cities to showcase venues with special Mushroom Mania menus or innovative mushroom specials.

Let us know how you are featuring mushrooms on your menu, and you could be one of the venues featured by our bloggers.

To help get your customers talking about mushroom mania - and coming back for even more mushroom dishes - we will be running a photo competition. Customers who share a photo of their mushroom dining experience will be in the running for one of 30, $100 vouchers. Their experience could be at your venue, but we need your help to let everyone know what is happening.

You are invited to be involved in Mushroom Mania 2014. Going social during July is a fantastic way to inspire mushroom lovers to visit your business during Mushroom Mania.

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