Purchasing, Handling, Storage & Preparation

Using state of the art growing methods and handling practices, Australian Mushroom Growers produce premium quality mushrooms all year round. Here are a few tips to help you maintain quality and prevent shrinkage.


  • Fresh button, cup and flat mushrooms are packed in 4 kilo cartons and available all year round.
  • Swiss Brown mushrooms are sold in 2 kilo cartons.
  • Portabella are sold in 3 kilo cartons.
  • Exotic mushrooms are sold in various weights, ranging from 125g - 500g punnets.
  • Enoki mushrooms are sold wrapped in cellophane in weights of 125g - 150g.
  • Choose mushrooms which are firm with a pleasant, earthy aroma.
  • Mushroom surfaces should be dry but not dried out.

Handling and Storage:

  • Mushrooms bruise easily. Handle with care as you would fresh eggs.
  • For maximum shelf life mushrooms should be refrigerated immediately at 2C - 4C and 95% humidity.
  • Airflow from coolers should be avoided.
  • Store mushrooms in their original carton with the lid on. Don't store mushrooms in close proximity to pungent items as they can absorb odours.
  • Don't store heavy items on top of mushroom cartons.
  • Don't wash mushrooms before storing.
  • Fresh mushrooms don't freeze well (except frozen sauteed mushrooms which will keep for up to a month).


  • Mushrooms require little preparation.
  • Avoid peeling mushrooms as it's time consuming and the goodness and flavour in the skin is lost.
  • Wipe mushrooms gently with a damp cloth.
  • If necessary, use a soft brush to remove any dirt from the cap and trim the end of the stem.
  • Don't soak mushrooms in water as they absorb liquids.

Always available. Mushroom are a reliable ingredient, available all year round.

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