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Mushrooms are a Recipe for Success

Welcome to MushroomChef - a website created by the Australian Mushroom Growers and dedicated to mushrooms.

Whether you love experimenting with exotics such as enoki, shiitake or chestnuts mushrooms, or you are rediscovering the versatility of buttons, flats and portabella mushrooms, we want to work with you.

Latest News: Mushroom Mania 2014 is on again throughout July. There is no need to register, simply click here to find out how we can help you promote your venue and mushroom dishes during July. With your help, we can make Mushroom Mania 2014 Australia’s biggest winter foodservice campaign.

Mushroom Mania July 2014
  • A healthy choice. Mushrooms have zero cholesterol.
  • A simple choice. Garlic mushrooms are always a popular choice.
  • A bigger choice. There are 17 styles of fresh mushrooms available in Australia.
  • Customers Love Mushrooms! 74% of mushroom eaters are likely to order a mushroom entrée in a restaurant.
  • Fat fighters! Mushrooms have only 103 kJ per serve.
  • Meat for vegetarians. 62% of restaurants have been asked for vegetarian meals in the last 12 months.
  • Fresh and local. Australia has 69 commercial mushroom growers, most located near capital cities.
  • Always available. Mushrooms are a reliable ingredient, available all year round.
  • UMAMI - a storm of flavour. Mushrooms have a rich, savoury flavour, often referred to as umami. The flavour comes from naturally occurring glutamates, which also give parmesan cheese, tomato juice and anchovies their characteristic flavours
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